Yoga Fundamentals Workshop with Pop Up Yoga Concepts



Join us as we explore the basics of yoga, from how to find ease in downward-dog, to tips for ensuring you get the benefits out of the key classical asanas (postures) in a yoga class. Lean how to perform fundamental yoga poses correctly, safely and comfortably in a fun, interactive environment designed to empower you with the knowledge you need to follow any other future Pop Up Yoga class or studio class in future. The time for suffering through your sun salutations in silence is over!
Who Should Join
This workshop is for you if you’ve been to a yoga class but are not entirely sure if you are doing your postures correctly, or if you want to feel what it’s like to perform warrior 1 & 2, triangle, upward-dog, chair pose and many more correctly; gaining tips and tricks to help ensure safe and comfortable alignment.
This workshop is for you if you’ve never been to a yoga class and want to get a more in-depth introduction into the classical postures, why we practice them, and how to practice them, before stepping foot in your first public class.
This workshop is also for you if you are an intermediate or experienced yogi looking to improve your alignment, or deeper your knowledge of the fundamental poses in your practice.
What You’ll Learn
In this workshop, we will cover the basics of yoga, working through the classical asanas (postures) such as proper breathing technique, sun salutations, downward dog, upward dog, triangle, warrior 1 & 2, chaturanga (low push up), chair pose and many more. Alignment props will be provided, as we break down each of these poses, discussing why we practice the pose, how to get the most out of it, and tips and tricks to find the right alignment for your body’s needs.
You’ll get hands-on adjustments in every pose from two certified yoga teachers, ensuring a personalised experience for every student.
The sequence will be designed in a way so all primary muscle groups and stretch points are covered, leaving you confident to take your practice forward.

Spots are limited so please book your spot at

Tickets: EUROS 25 

11AM-2PM @ CoWorking Les Galeries, Brussels