every day yoga for busy people


Welcome to your guide to yoga for a modern life. Helping you find peace, contentment and connection in a stressful world.

You Go | Do Yoga is about applying yoga to the every day. It is not about bending ourselves into pretzels, burning incense or chanting in Sanskrit (well, not all the time 😉). 

We understand that it can be difficult to find, or allow yourself, time just for you and we want to make that easier for you. Whether it is through private lessons to suit your timetable and needs, one-off workshops or retreats, or even our blog posts giving you quick tips and routines to practice at home, we have something to suit everyone's schedule, requirements and preferences.

Yoga isn't just for bendy people; it's for everyone, for everyday.

Find your practice with us.


Chloe Leighton is a certified Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga Instructor (200 hours), registered with the Yoga Alliance, with a passion for food, travel, acro yoga and massage. She has been practising yoga since 2013 and was taught by Dr. Sushil Yogi at Chandra Yoga International, Rishikesh, India.

Chloe is originally from the UK and spent two years in Brussels, Belgium, before moving to Tel Aviv, Israel where she offers private and corporate yoga classes, yoga events, workshops and retreats.

Chloe's style of yoga comprises bespoke sequences designed to cater to the needs of the person or people she is teaching; from more dynamic vinyasa flow to gentle restorative poses dependent on the individual needs of the client.

Having suffered with injuries, stress and depression herself, Chloe's focus is on the healing benefits of yoga, including correct alignment, breath work, meditation and tension release, as well as working with sportspeople to improve their performance through adding the practice to their training regime.