how-to: downward-facing dog pose

For most people downward-facing dog is one of the trickiest postures in yoga; it certainly was the hardest for me for many years! In this video, I share my top tips for accessing this tricky posture so you can get the most from it! Top tip: take the hamstrings out of the equation and just focus on the spine!


how-to: step forward from downward-facing dog pose

Struggle to get your foot through from the back of the mat to the front in a vinyasa? Don't're not alone! I share my top tips for creating more space when stepping forwards so you can enjoy a smooth transition!


how-to: cobra pose

In my opinion this pose often gets overlooked when it comes to proper alignment, usually because it comes as part of a vinyasa and students flow through it so quickly. In this video I break down the key alignment points so you can really feel the benefit of this pose, and protect your back!


how-to: extended side-angle pose

This is one of my absolute favourite poses to stretch out the back and side-body, relieving my lower back pain, but it only works if you do it with the right alignment. This video outlines my top tips for making the most of this beneficial pose!


how-to: triangle pose

A staple pose in any hatha or vinyasa class, Triangle looks so simple, but can be tricky! It's one of those poses in which you'll really know if you've got the alignment right, because it will feel amazing! Great for stretching out the hips and the side-body. 


how-to: warrior 1 pose

Another classic pose, likely to crop up in any yoga class you go to, whatever the level! The key to this pose is really allowing yourself to feel the benefits, activating the legs, core and arms for an all-body experience! Watch now for my top tips...


how-to: warrior 2 pose

Such an easy pose to compensate in, leaving you feeling limp and un-engaged! This video includes my top tips for warrior 2 so you go from 'meh' to 'phew' in a matter of moments!


how-to: reverse warrior pose

Think side-stretch rather than back-bend in this pose and you'll notice the difference! This pose can leave you feeling vulnerable and often struggling to breathe, so here are my tips for creating more space to en