The Italian Adventure: Sorrento, Sant'Agata and Capri

After a hectic drive from Gaeta, through Naples (!) we arrived in Sorrento: first stop, Prosecco.

sorrento italy prosecco

We headed down to the Marina Grande, which despite the name is actually the smaller Marina of the two, and certainly the more characterful.

The beach was not the best; a bit small and a lot less clean that those we has experienced up in Gaeta, so we found a bar just on the far right edge to sip on Prosecco and watch the world go by.


The marina was bustling with tourists on the beach, heading off on boat trips or kayak excursions, and every now and again a beautiful boat would drop off linen-clad elderly Italians heading off for their evening in the town. 

As dusk fell, we headed back to our beautiful air B'n'B up the road towards the tiny village of Sant'Agata. As the sun set we looked down from our veranda over the sprawling white rooftops of Sorrento below. 

That evening we decided to head to Sant'Agata for dinner, and stumbled across Buenos Aires - a strangely named local place set in a sweet walled garden. We ordered the 'special' pizza (bacon and Gorgonzola - a revelation), baked aubergines with tomato and mozzarella and a caprese salad, all of which we could see being prepared by a jolly chef covered in dough in the open kitchen. We washed it down with a jug of chilled white wine. 

The next morning it was time to stop eating and explore, so we hopped on a boat over to the famed isle of Capri. Like much of the Amalfi Coast, Capri is set into the hills and the streets of the main town, and indeed the whole island are tiny cobbled mazes painted in yellows and blues.


Of course, Capri is famed for being a playground of the rich and famous and that was wholly apparent by the super-yachts in the crystal waters below us, and the designer luggage being carted around on golf-buggy-esque carts.

After a few hours wandering around the perfumeries and flower-lined streets the heat was overwhelming, so we sought refreshment down at a tiny beach, Marina Piccola.

The tiny stretch of pebbles was barely visible for the bodies, sun bathing and wallowing in the shallows, so we quickly found a rock just to the edge of the beach to perch and cool our toes in the water, along with some very glamorous locals, and lots of families enjoying the break from the heat!

Soon enough it was time to cross the water back to Sorrento, where we picked up THE BEST PIZZA I have ever had in my life; at Jhonny Pizza.

Prosciutto, rocket and parmesan...and a huge margherita...

The tomato base was like nothing I have ever had was fresh, sweet, full of flavour and so light, topped beautifully with basil. We reclined in the pool all afternoon nibbling on pizza and sipping beers until the sun went down and guess what...we were hungry again!

What I love about being an adult is that you can have pastries and gelato for dinner and there's no-one to tell you not to...

Prosecco, pizza, pastries, coffee and gelato - Italy's finest all in one post! You lucky things you...

Italian adventures continue next time in Positano...the Italian town of my dreams