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Ask the yogi: interview with James Loeffler

In the second in the 'ask the yogi' interview series I'm delighted to introduce James Loeffler, San Antonio, TX-based yogi who also happened to be my super-ace base during our Acro Yoga Elemental Immersion at the Yoga Barn in Bali with Daniela Garza Rios and Carlos Romero. James is currently in Germany completing his Acro Yoga Teacher Training and is testament to what the combination of yoga and weight training can achieve...

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Ask the yogi: interview with Rafal Fratczak

I'm very excited to introduce the first of our 'ask the yogi' series of interviews with yoga teachers from around the world. Each month we'll be asking these fantastic souls from all walks of life about their yoga journey and their advice for those new to the practice. This month features the fabulous Rafal Frątczak...

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Yoga FAQs

If you’ve never done yoga, or are just starting out, you probably have loads of questions about the practice that maybe you’re too shy to ask your teacher, or maybe you don’t yet have a teacher to ask? I’ve put together my top frequently asked questions for those new to yoga, hopefully you’ll find the answer you’ve been looking for!

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