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I Should Go Do Yoga....At Work

So unless you've really nailed the whole 'work-life balance' or 'prioritising self-care' thing (which by the way, I urge you to try and do!) finding time to do yoga can be hard. I get it; until you adjust your mindset to make it your priority, it ain't going to happen, but that's OK!

To help people just like you I've put together a few basic yoga postures which you can do any time during your work day (they'll take you about 10 minutes all together) which will help ease back, neck and shoulder tension and keep you feeling refreshed and energised!

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I Should Go Do Yoga...for Seniors

If you're of a more mature age then the likelihood is someone, whether it be a health professional, family member or friend, has probably told you you 'should' be doing yoga. It's all very well them saying that, and you knowing that yoga carries many health benefits as you start to approach the later years (such as improving flexibility and joint strength, balance, stability as well as reducing blood pressure, anxiety, respiratory difficulties and keeping the mind active and sharp) but the thought of walking into a class full of 20-30 somethings wearing lycra just doesn't I right?Well here's where I come in. I've compiled 6 easy postures which you can practice at home which can form the start of your yoga practice.

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