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I Should Go Do Yoga….To Prep for Headstand

Ahhh headstand, the king of postures. There are a lot of elements which go into a good headstand; not least of which is learning how to face your fear of being upside down. However, once you’ve built the right strength in the shoulders & the core, the rest should come with time & practice. Here are my top prep-poses for headstand; practice these daily to build up the strength & muscle-memory required. Scroll down to the bottom to see some do’s & don’ts for when you progress into the final posture!

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How to Improve Your Physical (and therefore mental) Balance

For many adults, balance is hard. I’m talking about actual, physical balance, on one leg, for example. While it might be true that mental/emotional/conceptual life balance is hard too, I want to talk firstly about the body. If you already have a yoga practice, or know a bit about how yoga works, then you’ll know that working the body has a knock-on affect on the mind. The two are interlinked, and quite frankly, working the body is sometimes easier than working the mind, so we’ll start there.

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Progress in Yoga: What to Expect

If you’re an Instagrammer you’ll likely have seen the hundreds of beautiful ‘progress update’ photos from some of the most followed Instagram-yogis out there. But what about the rest of us? The ‘normal’ yoga practitioners, (and I mean ‘normal’ in the loose way it is generally used, none of us are actually normal and that’s a wonderful thing) but what can we expect in the way of progress in our practice, and how should we measure it?

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