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I Should Go Do Yoga....Post-Natal

I’ve absolutely loved teaching a small group of new mums and their little babies recently; it’s a private class so they have complete flexibility to take a break to breastfeed if they need to, or sooth the baby if s/he is fussy. Being a new mum can be hard & yoga can really help to give you some much needed headspace & a chance to get back in touch with your body & ease aches & pains. However, it’s not all that easy to keep going to public yoga classes when you have a baby, so I’ve put together some of my favourite post-natal postures for you to practice at home!

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I Should Go Do Yoga....For Pregnancy

This post is dedicated to all those wonderful mums-to-be who have been popping up in my classes lately. A lot of women are nervous about practising yoga while pregnant, and it's true that there are certain postures that are best avoided, however in the main, yoga can still be enjoyed right through your pregnancy and can be the perfect way to stay relaxed, ease your aching body and prepare it for labour.

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