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30 lessons from 30 years

Age has taught me things that my 21 year-old self was too cocky to understand, and to appreciate the things that she took for granted. The more you realise how little you know about how the world works, the more you realise the value in what you do know…and from that was born this list; 30 things I have learned over the last 30 years that I feel are valuable and worth remembering. This is a list I hope to be able to pass on to my children, nieces and nephews, or to any one struggling or caught up in the fear of the unknown of the future. None of us know how life it going to turn out, but here are a few things I do know for sure…

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Can you choose happiness?

Ahhh the pursuit of happiness; ironically the root of misery, or a legitimate and easy choice?

You might have seen phrases or inspirational quotes flying around the internet centring around the idea that happiness is a choice; ‘Be Happy’ or ‘Choose Happy’, or ‘Today I Choose Joy’. I actually think I might be guilty of pedalling these ideas; scroll through my Instagram and you can probably see me encouraging my followers to choose happiness.

Of course, what I really mean, is to choose positivity; because it’s not possible to choose happiness. Or is it?

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Creating Your Vision & Setting Goals for the Future

It’s that time of the year; Autumn equinox has just passed and as the weather turns it’s a time to look back and evaluate how far we’ve come this year and set some final intentions for the final few months of 2018. As I look back over my achievements and developments in the last 9 months, it got me thinking about goals, and the merits, and downfalls of living a goal-oriented life.

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Lessons from Yoga: Self-Awareness

Whenever I meet people who are in to yoga I usually always hear the same thing: “I started yoga to be more flexible / get fitter / stronger / lose weight, but I can’t believe it’s changed my life in so many other ways!” It’s a common story that you come to yoga for the physical benefits, and stay for the mental ones but what does this actually mean, and what can you expect if you’re a complete newcomer to the practice? In this post I’ll be looking at one of my favourite ‘by-products’ of yoga; self-awareness, and how what we learn in our yoga class can help us off the mat!

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Lessons from Yoga: Why Kindness is Key

Yoga, like life, isn't always pretty. Sometimes it's messy, or sweaty, or someone farts next to you. It is within you to either react or not react. It is within you to be kind to yourself, and to those around you, and not get worked up about the smaller things.

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