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Creating Your Vision & Setting Goals for the Future

It’s that time of the year; Autumn equinox has just passed and as the weather turns it’s a time to look back and evaluate how far we’ve come this year and set some final intentions for the final few months of 2018. As I look back over my achievements and developments in the last 9 months, it got me thinking about goals, and the merits, and downfalls of living a goal-oriented life.

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How To Kick Off Your Yoga Practice in 2018

The hangover's starting to wear off, you've had your last big feed before the 'resolutions' start tomorrow and all of a sudden that promise to start practising yoga becomes very daunting as January hits you square in the face. Here are my top tips for starting a yoga practice this year, and more importantly, continuing that practice long after the Christmas decorations are packed away.

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