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How to Make the Most of Your Yoga Practice

Yoga is first and foremost an individual practice. This means that everyone in a yoga class is experiencing different levels of challenge and discomfort at any one time, they will have differing strengths, different thoughts and feelings arising from each posture, and everyone will deal with that experience differently.

This means that while in a studio class you might have the guidance of your teacher, it is still your responsibility to take what you can from the class and make the most of your practice. This is even more true when practising at home, either free-flowing or following a video. To help, I’ve rounded up my top tips for really reaping the benefits of your practice

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Yoga FAQs

If you’ve never done yoga, or are just starting out, you probably have loads of questions about the practice that maybe you’re too shy to ask your teacher, or maybe you don’t yet have a teacher to ask? I’ve put together my top frequently asked questions for those new to yoga, hopefully you’ll find the answer you’ve been looking for!

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