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Practical Ways To Practice Self-Care During The Holidays

Be it financial stress, social pressures, or proximity-to-family based anxiety the holiday season can be pretty tough for some, if not all, of us at times. You might be feeling under pressure to be the perfect host, or maybe you’re feeling lonely or the loss of a loved one; whatever your reasons, self- care is super important at this time of year, more than any other. I’ve put together some practical ways to take care of yourself while still having fun, and performing any social duties you might have (and not a bubble-bath in sight!).

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Lessons from Yoga: Self-Awareness

Whenever I meet people who are in to yoga I usually always hear the same thing: “I started yoga to be more flexible / get fitter / stronger / lose weight, but I can’t believe it’s changed my life in so many other ways!” It’s a common story that you come to yoga for the physical benefits, and stay for the mental ones but what does this actually mean, and what can you expect if you’re a complete newcomer to the practice? In this post I’ll be looking at one of my favourite ‘by-products’ of yoga; self-awareness, and how what we learn in our yoga class can help us off the mat!

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3 Breathing Techniques To Use When You’re Freaking Out

For thousands of years breath control has been universally known as a simple and highly affective form of relaxation, pain management and as a tool for reducing anxiety (think about birth breathing techniques, or the simple image of breathing-into-a-paper-bag). But, I know, it’s easier said than done. Here are my top three breathing techniques you can try either as part of a regular meditation, or when you're just having bit of a meltdown.

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