Flavio Al Velavevodetto, Rome

On our last night in Rome we took a recommendation and headed over to Flavio al Velavevodetto. 

Flavio Al Velavevodetto

It was a Sunday so when we arrived the area was pretty dead and we were a bit worried about where we'd ended up! We'd booked for 8pm, which isn't particularly late in the UK - but when we walked past at about 7.30pm it looked like the place wasn't open!

We headed around the corner to grab a drink and kept our fingers crossed that this place was going to be good! Luckily, once we returned, it had filled out, albeit with tourists but we didn't mind too much.

We were seated outside under warm lighting and settled down to one of the best bottles of red I have had since our wine tour in Australia. This locally made vino was just 10 euros! Unfortunately they don't seem to export the stuff and we were too wrapped up in it to ask to buy some bottles to take home :(



Having eaten and drunk our way round Italy for a week we were not ready for a huge meal, even though we could have eaten everything on the menu! We opted for traditional pastas...mine was a spicy sun-dried tomato spaghetti with what looked like squirty cream on top (it was ricotta!).

Ian opted for a traditional carbonara which was SENSATIONAL. None of the bland creamy fare we get at home...this was peppery and light and delicious.





Incredibly we had room for dessert so we tried out the tiramisu which was ridiculously creamy and light, and the flourless chocolate cake for richness.

As the sun set the tourists cleared out and were replaced by discerning locals, which reassured us that we were eating the real-deal. If you want the real experience book your table for after 9-9.30pm and order the carbonara and the Cincinnato Pulluce :)