Tips for Your First Yoga Class

Your first public class can be pretty daunting; and chances are you're going to have to try quite a few studios and different teachers and styles of yoga before you find the right fit. But trust me, it will be worth it. Follow these tips to help prepare for your first time:

Get to know the names of the key poses

Great news! This PDF is going to help you do just that, so you know what the poses should look like, and can recognise them when the teacher refers to them in the class.

Use free/discount trials

I highly recommend shopping around before you find a style and a teacher/studio you like, so make the most of yoga studio free or discounted trials to try out as many styles as possible. Choose a beginner level class, or at the very least an 'open level' class and go into each new class with an open mind!

Be honest

Let the teacher know it's your first time, and if you have any injuries at the start of the class. If they don't know this about you, they might not suggest obvious modifications and you might end up feeling lost or worse, hurting yourself.

Arrive early

Don't be late to your first class; get to the studio 15 minutes early, check in and go into the room if it's empty. Grab a mat, strap, block and blanket and settle yourself somewhere where you will be able to see the teacher easily. Do some warm up stretches, or simply sit comfortably or lay on your back and focus on your breathing, to calm your body and mind.

Practice barefoot, bring water

All yoga practice should be barefoot, so you don't slip around your mat. Make sure you have water on hand to sip if you need to, and I also like to bring a towel to lay on my mat so my hands don't slip if they get a bit sweaty.

Don't be hard on yourself

Let go of any expectations… This is the key to enjoying yoga. Don't force yourself into postures which are too difficult, and always try and keep the breathing relaxed. Don't compare yourself to others in the class, listen to the teacher and listen to your body and just enjoy the experience!

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