Get out of your excuses rut: reasons TO practice yoga

It’s so easy to not go to your yoga class – I know full well how hard it is to prioritise your yoga practice over the seemingly fair more important other things that you ‘should’ be doing! So how do we overcome that obstacle and commit to going to class?


And no of course I don’t mean the usual excuses, like ‘I don’t have time’, ‘I’m too tired’, ‘I have to work late’, ‘I missed my bus’, ‘I’ll go tomorrow’ etc etc etc. I mean flipping our excuses NOT to practice, into excuses TO practice!

Fancy giving it a try?

Instead of ‘I don’t have time’, flip the story and tell yourself ‘It’s just an hour of my day’.

If you find yourself saying ‘I’m too mentally tired’ remember that ‘yoga gives me the mental energy I need to keep going!’, or if you’re too physically tired, remind yourself that ‘a yin or restorative class will help me relax and sleep properly tonight’.

If you’re feeling stressed out or pressured, maybe you’re making excuses that you’re ‘all over the place, I can’t possibly start to focus on a yoga class’, how about remembering that ‘yoga is the one thing I can do to settle my mind and get some clarity’?

The classic; ‘I have too many things to do’ excuse can easily be flipped if you tell yourself that ‘yoga is one of the most important things on my to-do list’.

If your mind is being persistent and stubbornly insisting that ‘I have other responsibilities’, remind yourself that ‘nothing is more important than my physical and mental wellbeing’.

'I can't afford it' becomes non-existent when you breathe and stretch at home for 20 minutes.

Finally, if it’s a simple excuse: ‘I don’t feel like it’ remember that you ‘always feel better after savasana’!

Do you find yourself letting your practice slip by because of silly excuses like these? What’s the most common excuse for not going to yoga? Can you flip the narrative and find a reason TO go instead?

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