Interview: Rosie from Rosie & The Recipes

I'm really happy to share this interview with you as not only is Rosie an incredibly inspiring person but she is also a great friend of mine, and we even lived together before I came to Belgium!

Rosie works for Time Out in London, runs a hugely successful food blog and instagram page dedicated to low-fat, healthy recipes, has her own candle-making business and also happens to be one of the busiest people I know! On top of that...she was the biggest yoga-sceptic I had ever met until we started to live together and now she has a regular practice. I wanted to know how she finds time for everything she does, as well as staying fit, healthy and happy!

Rosie Akenhead Rosie and the Recipes

Hi Rosie. You juggle a full-time job, a food blog with a huge social media following, running your own candle-making business AND a commute between London and do you find time for exercise?!

When I lived in London I used to always exercise before work. That's changed now as there is no way I'm lugging myself out of bed at 5.30am for anyone or anything!  I now exercise at lunchtime where possible and then I always try and fit in some exercise over the weekend. I love exercising with friends, so HIIT classes, running and indoor climbing are my favourites alongside yoga. 

What made you first try yoga?

Genuinely, Chloe - it was you that made me first start yoga really! When we were living together, I saw what a positive impact yoga had on you and I wanted to try it out for myself. I was also going through a very difficult time in my day job at the start of 2017. My back had been playing up and the stress level at work then got so bad that I had a hemiplegic migraine at my desk. As a coping mechanism, I decided to up my yoga classes and I found it helped a great deal. 

Describe your yoga practice now?

I have to go to classes, because if I'm practising alone at home I cheat and miss out all the difficult bits! I practice vinyasa flow and I'm honestly astounded by the improvement I've made in just over a year. In class number one, I couldn't touch my toes or hold any difficult positions for more than about three seconds. By the end of last year, I had done my first headstand and I've been upside down in every class pretty much ever since. I love it, it really clears my head and I get a real sense of achievement from doing it. 

What did you find most surprising about yoga when you first tried it?

That you can have fun some with it. Previously when I'd tried it, the teachers had been so serious about their chakras, inner energy and so forth, and I hated the bullshit that comes with yoga, to be honest.  Since then, I have found instructors who have a great sense of humour (you included, of course), and we have a laugh as we practice. One of my teachers at Another Space, Chris, always says, 'if you've stopped breathing, you're going to die, so you should probably think about starting to breathe again now-ish." That always makes me chuckle. 

Rosie Akenhead Rosie and the Recipes

Any advice for people trying to find some time to dedicate to their mental and physical health amidst a busy work schedule?

You have to take the time for yourself even if it feels self-indulgent. It might be yoga, swimming, horse riding, sitting in the bath or reading a book. Whatever it is, schedule in an hour a week which is just about you, no one else.

What’s your go-to quick and healthy dinner for someone with a busy schedule?

I have an entire freezer full of food batch-cooked on the weekend because I can't often cook from scratch when I get home from commuting and work. A lot of my blog, Rosie and the Recipes, is based around quick and easy dinners because that's what I need in my life if I'm going to maintain my weight loss (I lost 2.5 stones on slimming world). One of my absolute favourites is this freezer recipe for a skinny lasagne. It just comes out of the freezer, and into the microwave to defrost and cook, so it's ready in 10 minutes after I walk through the door.