Christmas Gift Guide 2018: for the yogi in your life

Well hello there friends! Can you believe it’s that time of year again already? If present-buying panic is starting to set in and you’ve no idea what to buy for the yogi in your life then panic no further! I’ve got you covered with my comprehensive guide, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy the season!

For the hot yoga lover

manduka yoga towel

If your yogi loves hot, power for dynamic vinyasa yoga you might consider buying them this lightweight super-absorbent yoga towel, designed to reduce slipping when the palms start getting a bit sweaty! It comes in loads of jazzy colours, starting at €36.

Mantra bracelet.JPG

For the magpie

Treat your yogi to a beautiful daily reminder of their favourite mantra with these mantra bracelets. Starting at £45, you can choose from set mantras, or personalise it with your own!

kikki k journal

For the writer

Journaling is a hugely beneficial practice and highly encouraged for mindfulness practitioners. Having a place to write daily gratitude lists and positive affirmations, as well as being able to sort through thoughts and feelings in a safe place is essential for boosting wellbeing. This beautiful journal is the perfect accompaniment to any mindfulness or meditation practice.

For the essential oil connoisseur

bamboo essential oil diffuser

Does your yogi love to use essential oils, burn scented candles or need help creating a calming self-practice space at home? This bamboo essential oil diffuser is easy to use, stylish and under £30!

olive and frank be kind to your mind

For the fashionista

If your yogi loves fashion and promoting wellbeing this T from Olive & Frank is the way to go! This is my personal favourite, but they have loads of different styles for you to choose from, so you can find the perfect match!

For the home-therapy lover

I can personally vouch for how awesome this product is! This acupressure mat is perfect for anyone who suffers with back, shoulder or neck pain or tension and who doesn’t mind trying something unusual! Lay on the mat with bare skin and the ‘nails’ promote blood flow to the area creating a soothing and warming sensation, relieving tension and improving recovery time!

For the inversion junkie

Does your yogi love getting upside down? Maybe they have been working on their headstand practice but need a little help? The feet-up trainer is a super-versatile product to help with inversion practice as well as core training and has proven to be incredibly popular! It’s a little on the spenny-side but will be well-worth it!

feetup trainer

For the bookworm

If your yogi is fairly new to the practice, or interested in the more mindful or spiritual side of the practice Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now is one of the THE essential books for them to read.

I’ve also popped my favourite read of 2018 here: a really hilarious read for anyone looking to bring a little more balance into their lives!

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