Zen Hideaway, Ubud, Bali

There’s a little slice of jungle paradise hidden some 30 minutes’ drive from Ubud, Bali. For keen travel Instagrammers images of THIS swing over the jungle will be familiar, but did you know what it is actually attached to an incredible 2 storey wooden villa, available to rent?!

I think it was the third or fourth time that I saw a famous travel blogger share a similar snap on Insta that I decided to look this place up, but googling 'jungle swing Ubud' never really yielded any info. I assumed it was attached to some fancy-pants hotel somewhere expensive and remote and resigned myself to never visiting. It wasn't until I arrived back in Ubud after visiting Canggu for a few days and my lovely new friends Aimee and Megann mentioned that they wanted to visit the jungle swing that I realised you could actually visit it!

They had found the address and the name Zen Hideaway, but we still didn't quite know what it was. We negotiated a price with a driver to take us there, and back, and wait for us for an hour for IDR 300,000 (about £18) and we set off on the 30 minute drive completely unaware of the paradise we were about to find.

We were lucky, to be honest. Zen Hideaway is a private villa which can be rented out through AirBnB with this phenomenal view overlooking a deep gorge and river below, however because of that if there are tenants in the house when you visit, you can't go on the swing....

If it isn't being rented out though, you can pay IDR 250,000 to play for 30 minutes (after signing a waiver for your life). It really is thrilling!

While we were waiting our turn, the owner allowed us to have a snoop around...I honestly wanted to move my stuff in immediately!

It sleeps 5 across 3 bedrooms and is finished beautifully with exposed wood and Japanese-style features. All for less than EUR 250 a night!! It's pretty remote, and doesn't have a pool, but is a perfect place for a quiet getaway, hen party or girl's holiday. I mean...you can have a shower outside in the jungle...

Enough said!