5 Reasons You Should Do Intensive Yoga Teacher Training in India

So, you’ve decided you want to become a yoga teacher, or maybe just deepen your own personal practice? There are thousands of yoga teacher training courses out there and it can be a daunting task trying to decide not only which school is right for you, but where, and what type of course you want to do.

Here are 5 reasons why I would recommend doing an intensive yoga teacher training course in India over a longer course back home in the UK.

It’s cheaper

It might not be a factor for you, but for me the price was a big deal. Ok so you need to factor in flights half way across the world but if you go at the right time and do a bit of research you can get a good deal. My yoga teacher training course itself was just under USD 1500 for a month, including full bed and board and 2 massages! Courses in the UK were coming in at least double, if not three times that price!

It’s quicker

Yes, it means quitting your job (unless you can take a month off work in which case – go you!) but it also means that you’re a qualified yoga teacher in a month, instead of in 6 months or even a year back home. Let’s face it, if you want to pursue a yoga career you’re going to have to quit your job at some point anyway, so why not make it now? Go on, seize the day, and you’ll be realising your dream a lot quicker for it!

It’s traditional

India is the home of yoga; why would you choose anywhere else to learn how to practice? I was surprised at how traditional my yoga teacher training course was; unlike any teaching I have experienced in the West, but once I got used to it I embraced it. The teaching is authentic and you’ll learn yogic philosophy from the people who live and breathe it. My teacher had been to Gurukal, a type of boarding school which teaches this way of life from age 5; if he didn’t know what he was talking about then I’m pretty sure no-one does!

You’ll meet so many different people

Sure, showing up to class at home every weekend may mean you make friends who live in your home town, but showing up to class in India means you’ll meet people from all walks of life, all backgrounds, upbringings and beliefs and will be able to listen to their life experiences and learn from them. I learned most of my best lessons from my classmates rather than my teachers. When you become a yoga teacher you’ll likely come across a wide variety of people who have come into the practice for different reasons, so an international teacher training programme will set you up perfectly to deal with this beautiful variety. Not to mention you’ll have friends for life in all corners of the globe!

It’s an adventure!

I did my teacher training as the first part of a larger trip travelling around South East Asia and met many people who were doing the same; tying it into a bigger trip. It can be tough flying around the world by yourself to live somewhere new and away from home comforts to take part in a rigorous training programme, but it will also teach you a huge amount in a very short space of time about yourself, your mind, your body and your goals for how you want to live your life. My yoga room looked out over the Himalayan mountains and every morning I meditated as the sun rose from behind a mountain, with the sound of a rushing stream nearby; you won’t get that in London!