Christmas Gift Guide for the Yogi in your Life

Dare I say it...Christmas is coming and you may be worrying about what to buy the yogi in your life. Never fear, I have your back, and have compiled a selection of gifts to suit any yoga lover, that isn't just another pair of leggings!

You can thank me later.

A Box of Happiness

The law of attraction is incredibly important in yogic philosophy; whatever type of energy you put out into the world, you get back. Think karma, the power of positivity, 'The Secret' etc. This 'Law of Attraction' Box of Happiness from the folks at Happiness Planner is a really nice gift. They also have boxes themed around confidence, self-awareness & purpose. Alternatively, they have some really nice journal & gratitude diaries to hold all your loved one's inner thoughts and feelings throughout 2018.

Winter Warmers


Alright so I know I promised no leggings, but these super-soft joggers from Nike will keep your yogi warm throughout those winter months, either in class or before/after. Available in menswear too.

A Helping Hand

If you read my blog regularly then you'll know that I'm a huge advocate of the humble yoga block and strap; I do believe you can practise without, but I also believe they can really enhance your practice, both as a beginner and advanced.

These cork blocks from Manduka are a real treat for anyone looking to take that next step.


Uplifting Words

I am half-way through this book and I love it, and can't recommend it enough. You can dip in and out, or read it cover to cover and it provides so much inspiration, as well as practical tools for cultivating the best possible version of yourself. Ok it might be a little geared towards the female got me. This one ain't for the lads.


Cleansing Scents

I was first introduced to sage smudge sticks in India, and then again on my travels in Bali where I finally bought myself one. I use it almost everyday. Smudging is a ceremony used by Native Americans to cleanse the air around you, removing negative energy and attracting positive energy. Sage sticks are commonly used before meditation, or after asana practice during Savasana to leave you feeling uplifted. Also, they just smell really great. 

Alternatively, why not buy them some essential oils, such as lavender, for relaxation?


The Answers

Whether they're really searching for the answers, or just want to turn their hand at connecting with their inner powers, tarot cards are a really cool gift for the more spiritual yogi. These Osho ones are beautifully written and designed, and easy to read, even for the beginner. Plus! Did you know that tarot cards should always be given as a gift, and never purchased for yourself, making them even more perfect for this time of year!

If they're not so into the tarot, then Osho's writings are also super inspiring, on a variety of topics.


A Lifetime of Massage

Sounds amazing right?! Well with these myofascial release massage balls you can give the gift that keeps on giving! Say no more.


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