20 things you’ve probably thought about in a yoga class

We've all been there; you decide that today's the day you're going to kick-start your yoga practice. You've bought the unlimited monthly pass from your local studio and today you're heading for your first vinyasa class. It's open level, so that's suitable for beginners right?

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1.      Do I have to take my socks off?

Feet are gross...end of. 

gross feet.jpg

2.      Front row was a bad decision. 

The teacher is definitely looking right at me.






3.      Did everyone co-ordinate their outfits?

This lot look like a Sweaty Betty advert


4.      Why is everyone so calm? I’m not ready for this


5.      Breathing, great, I can do that

I do it everyday, without even thinking. This is fiiiiiine.


6.      Oh no, now we’re moving I forgot to breathe

Brooklyn99Insider-Terry Crews-How to Breathe 4.gif

7.      Wait…I can’t breathe in this position

Is this right? Why is no-one else panicking?

8.      Why is no-one else bending their knees?

downdog resting.jpg

9.      Wasn’t this supposed to be suitable for beginners?!

10.   I wonder if anyone will notice if I just … leave.

Why, oh why did I go at the front?

11.   WAIT? We're only HALF WAY THROUGH?!?!


12.   I completely regret this decision.


13.   My arms are burning.

I think they might collapse.

14.   Wait, we’re finished?


15.   I did it?! That wasn’t even that bad.

16.   Savasana!

Now this is a pose I can get on board with

after savasana.jpg

17.   I'm never getting up.

This is awesome.

18.   I can’t believe I survived. 


19.   I feel amazing, I am amazing.


20.   When can I go again?


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