Artusi, Peckham, London

I can't believe it's 9 months since I moved to South London and everything the place has to offer. I'll be moving away from London in just 3 weeks' time so I'm looking back on some of my favourite places in the city. My first foray in SE was into Peckham with a long-standing advocate of South London living who showed me how to lunch the Artusi way.

This modern Italian gem is bright and clean and welcoming; offering a daily-changing chalkboard menu of delights.

It was Bank Holiday Monday so when we went it was a 3 course offer for £20 - choose from 2 options for each course.

Luckily for me, we were two, so we just ordered one of everything to try.

The bagna cavda sauce on these tomatoes was to die for (secret ingredient: anchovies, but don't let that put you off!) which we also had with magatello di manzo - beef carpaccio

This macaroni was so fresh and minty - I would make this myself in a heartbeat on a summer's evening. Unfortunately even though it was the end of May the weather was freezing the day we went, but the summery flavours still brought me back to our Italian adventure last year. I'm not always a fan of olives in dishes (love them on their own) because I usually feel they overpower a dish, but these went perfectly with the fennel and the crunchy al dente courgette.

We finished with this super light hazelnut and chocolate cake and mascarpone sorbet which was ridiculously creamy. Ella had to stop me ordering another round of desserts - particularly when the table next to us received theirs just after we had finished!

I'm excited to go back to Artusi because you're never going to know what's next on the menu - I love that about daily-changing menus - each time you go it's like trying a place for the first time.

Next time you're south...make sure you check it out!