Grain Store, London

I've wanted to go to the Grain Store at Kings Cross for ages! The food always looks incredible and the setting is cosy even though it's quite big and industrial.

Luckily I have a dinner buddy who loves the place so we set off for a cheeky Tuesday night dinner. Now I firmly believe that no good story started with a salad, so we started with a quick cocktail at Dishoom next door (tip: if you're just heading for a drink in the bar you can usually skip the massive queue which seems to be permanently in place outside!).

After some banana chip snacks (a revelation for a banana-hater!) we hot-footed it next door for our reservation. Even on a Tuesday a table for two was a tricky thing to pin down, so do avoid the risk and try to book if you can.

The kitchen is completely open and so impressive. They're so quiet but still manage to produce beautiful food on time.

grain store kings cross

Just look at this beauty... Quail with mushroom and celeriac scotch egg, chilli, miso and pak choi. They also do a vegetarian option where they replace the quail for tofu; I've had it since going back and it's really delicious. Tash went for my second choice, which was this beautiful hake with seaweed sushi. The atmosphere and food were great, and needless to say we were nattering away for hours savouring our delicious dishes. 

grain store kings cross hake

We thought that it couldn't get better, but then we saw the specials for dessert and I didn't need to look twice at this peanut butter cheesecake...

It was the lightest, fluffiest, creamiest cheesecake I have ever eaten, together with peanut crunchiness and a subtle whisky and chilli jam...perfection!

In fact I just want to lick my screen writing this now! Get yourself down there stat!