Scandinavian Embassy, Amsterdam

If you find yourself in Amsterdam soon make sure you check out this scandi-style breakfast spot!

The hipster Scandinavian Embassy has a minimalist interior, which matches their menu. As you'd expect from a scandi-themed place, it was all raw pale wood, exposed brick and communal tables. The (tiny) kitchen is open, and you can sit up at the 'bar' and watch the magic happen if you wish.

We arrived in the pouring rain, and were seated at the back on a large table under the 'conservatory-esque' part of the restaurant. The rain batter down above our heads, but we were cosy, enjoying Kenyan coffee and planning our day of exploration.

The staff are very proud of their menu, which is small, but in their eyes, perfectly formed. It's heavily fish-themed which I love, but for Ian who doesn't eat seafood at the best of times, it was a little more difficult. Luckily, they reluctantly allowed us to customise their menu slightly, and remove the fish from one of the dishes.

They really encourage people to relax and enjoy the atmosphere; there were groups sipping coffees, others with their laptops or reading books. We mapped out our day leisurely, not bothered by a waiter asking if we wanted the bill. We were given a token, and when we were ready we just went up to the counter to pay, where she checked us out on an iPad....very sleek.

Worth popping in for the eggs & salmon if you're in the area!