I Should Go Do Yoga....Post-Natal

I’ve absolutely loved teaching a small group of new mums and their little babies recently; it’s a private class so they have complete flexibility to take a break to breastfeed if they need to, or sooth the baby if s/he is fussy. Being a new mum can be hard & yoga can really help to give you some much needed headspace & a chance to get back in touch with your body & ease aches & pains. However, it’s not all that easy to keep going to public yoga classes when you have a baby, so I’ve put together some of my favourite post-natal postures for you to practice at home!

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I Should Go Do Yoga….To Prep for Headstand

Ahhh headstand, the king of postures. There are a lot of elements which go into a good headstand; not least of which is learning how to face your fear of being upside down. However, once you’ve built the right strength in the shoulders & the core, the rest should come with time & practice. Here are my top prep-poses for headstand; practice these daily to build up the strength & muscle-memory required. Scroll down to the bottom to see some do’s & don’ts for when you progress into the final posture!

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Can you choose happiness?

Ahhh the pursuit of happiness; ironically the root of misery, or a legitimate and easy choice?

You might have seen phrases or inspirational quotes flying around the internet centring around the idea that happiness is a choice; ‘Be Happy’ or ‘Choose Happy’, or ‘Today I Choose Joy’. I actually think I might be guilty of pedalling these ideas; scroll through my Instagram and you can probably see me encouraging my followers to choose happiness.

Of course, what I really mean, is to choose positivity; because it’s not possible to choose happiness. Or is it?

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I Should Go Do Yoga...For Runners

Whether you’ve been running for ages, or have put a couch to 5k on your 2019 resolutions list, it’s no secret that the hobby can leave you with tired, tight muscles, without the right warm-up & cool down. Incorporating yoga into your routine, both immediately before/after a run, and on your off-days, will help keep the muscles and fascia supple & healthy to keep you running for longer!

Here are my favourite yoga routines/postures suitable for all levels of runner!

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Your Meditation Questions Answered

Meditation is widely known for helping to calm a chaotic mind, increase brain & immune function and reduce the production of stress hormones, and while the practice is becoming increasingly popular in western cultures, there is a still an air of mystery surrounding it.

Apps like Headspace and Insight Timer are doing wonders for helping regular people with busy lives access meditation, but I meet plenty of people on a daily basis who meditate or try to meditate often but still have questions. I’m not claiming to be an expert in meditation, by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ve put together the biggest/most common questions I get from my students when it comes to meditation & tried to answer them here.

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WTF is a positive affirmation and why do I need one?

Whether you’re a fan on an inspirational quote or not there’s no denying that with the rise of social media they’re becoming more and more prevalent in our lives. What you might not know, though, is that inspirational quotes are different from positive affirmations, and the latter are scientifically proven to benefit those who speak them.

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Resolutions, rituals & routine - a personal reflection

Once I had decided on my rituals, I wrote them down & vowed to get started in 2019….until it hit me. Why on earth would I wait a month to get started on small daily habits, instead of just starting them now? Why do we always put something off until it seems like the ‘right time’ to start? Why not start now?

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Practical Ways To Practice Self-Care During The Holidays

Be it financial stress, social pressures, or proximity-to-family based anxiety the holiday season can be pretty tough for some, if not all, of us at times. You might be feeling under pressure to be the perfect host, or maybe you’re feeling lonely or the loss of a loved one; whatever your reasons, self- care is super important at this time of year, more than any other. I’ve put together some practical ways to take care of yourself while still having fun, and performing any social duties you might have (and not a bubble-bath in sight!).

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Christmas Gift Guide 2018: for the yogi in your life

Well hello there friends! Can you believe it’s that time of year again already? If present-buying panic is starting to set in and you’ve no idea what to buy for the yogi in your life then panic no further! I’ve got you covered with my comprehensive guide, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy the season!

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